Field Trips

Field Trips are an essential part of childrens' experience at The New York International School. The school has carefully developed a program of field trips that blend educational objectives, adventure and fun. 

The New York International School seeks to make children actively aware of their environment and to use the opportunities offered by its location to enhance their education. Educational excursions provide the opportunity to learn more about the world around us and provide children with the opportunity to develop their group and social skills in different settings.

In Kindergarten through Grade 3, field trips are organized in relation to the topics and themes being taught in class. Trips may be to NY museums, cultural sites and events or activity centers and are designed to support the learning in the classroom. 
In Grades 4 and 5, we offer the opportunity to enjoy an annual residential trip. The trip typically takes place within the state of New York for a period of three or four nights. This opportunity is of great benefit in supporting independence, leadership, teamwork, maturity and self-esteem.