Pre-Nursery to Pre-Kindergarten (ages 2 to 4)
Children develop quickly in the Preschool years and a child’s development between birth and age five is key. At The New York International School we feel that during these vital years of development, a secure, safe and happy childhood is of paramount importance. This is achieved through good parenting and high quality early learning, providing the foundation children need to truly flourish in later years.

NYIS Preschool teacher and child

NYIS provides our youngest students in Preschool with an educational experience that will help them develop a positive approach to learning. Our class sizes are limited to 12 in Pre-Nursery, 16 in Nursery and 16-18 in Pre-Kindergarten with 2 or 3 teachers per class, allowing us to focus on the well being of our young students. By creating an environment where our children feel nurtured and cared for, they are at ease and receptive to learning.

We understand that play underpins learning at this stage of development. With this as our basis, we aim for our students to learn through activities that are structured and purposeful. Through our Language Immersion Program, which commences in Pre-Nursery, our very youngest are exposed to two languages, in an environment that is stimulating and exciting.

Our aim is to offer well-balanced, carefully planned activities that will enable each child to develop the crucial foundation that they will need to build upon in further years. Teaching at this stage is mainly done through play, allowing children to learn about subjects and others through games, with the freedom to choose activities they find engaging.

Learning at this early stage is planned around seven areas of learning and development. Language, numeracy, social, physical, scientific and technological skills are provided for and developed through conversation, discussion, questioning, reasoning, stories, rhymes, books, social play, games and outdoor activities.

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Preschool Grades:

Age 2: Pre-Nursery
Age 3: Nursery
Age 4: Pre-Kindergarten

Ages as of September 1st