Lower School

Kindergarten to Grade 5 (ages 5 to 10)
At The New York International School we recognize that academic achievement is central to school life. However, rather than focusing on preparing for tests we believe a broad and vibrant curriculum creates the enthusiasm for learning that will lead to success. Our teachers aim to create an atmosphere in which rigorous intellectual activity and independent thinking are jointly encouraged. 

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Our curriculum has been developed for more than a decade through our network of schools and is tailored to the needs of American and international families in New York to guarantee a broad, in-depth and truly international education for students that is both engaging and interesting. Placing a significant amount of importance on learning a second language, the curriculum at NYIS provides an outline of core knowledge that teachers develop into lessons to promote the development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills. 

The curriculum sets out the stages and core subjects children will be taught throughout their school life. It is a framework used in our global network of schools to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent. 

At NYIS we set high expectations for every one of our students. Our class sizes are limited to between 16 and 18 students per class, allowing us to give our students more personalized attention. All our teachers have outstanding professional credentials and each class teacher is supported by a teacher assistant. As a result, low student- teacher ratios are obtained. By providing world-class education to all students, we deliver a curriculum that enables the personal development of students with qualities of creativity, ingenuity, cooperation and leadership. 

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Lower School Grades:

Age 5: Kindergarten
Age 6: Grade 1
Age 7: Grade 2
Age 8: Grade 3
Age 9: Grade 4
Age 10: Grade 5

Ages as of September 1st