Language Immersion

We live in a world without borders. In the 21st century, greater opportunities will be available to those that are fluent in a second language. In addition, learning a second language during early childhood has social, cultural and cognitive benefits, and facilitates learning later in life. 

Helping students to become truly fluent in a second language by the time they graduate is therefore a cornerstone of our curriculum and the objective of the NYIS Language Immersion Program.

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Students at NYIS spend approximately 60% of their time learning in English, and 40% in the second language of their choice. Parents will be able to choose between Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Language immersion begins at Preschool, led by two teachers: an English-speaking head-teacher and a native Spanish or Chinese teacher. In Lower School, children will receive up to two hours per day of instruction in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Core subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Science and Humanities) are taught in English. Spanish or Chinese, Music, Art and Technology are taught in the chosen second language. In addition, students benefit from additional opportunities to practice their second language: recess, field trips, the BSF Peer Program, the BSF International Exchange Program, etc.

At NYIS, students are placed in leveled language classes according to their proficiency, enabling new students with differing knowledge of Spanish or Chinese to enroll at any grade.